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The potential output of our operations is roughly 60,000 kg or about 180,000 meters/week.

Dyeing Department


In the Dyeing Department, we deploy 11 high-temperature, high-pressure jet dyeing machines, all controlled by PC-1000 controllers. Many of these jets are "soft-flow" which are very gentle when dyeing the new generations of fabrics.

Our lot sizes are flexible in order to accommodate all orders from 200 - 700 kg per cycle. Sample work and sample development orders can range from 35 - 200 kg.


Finishing Department


In the Finishing Department, we deploy the most technically advanced equipment. It is totally versatile, enabling Colorama to handle all knitted/woven fabrics in both tubular and open-width forms.


As for face finishing equipment, Colorama has acquired the most gentle (air flow) drying and padding equipment. As well, we have a variety of the most advanced machineries for outstanding pile formations, including nappers, shears and tumble dryers . Our open-width compacting abilities guarantee shrinkage control on the most challenging of fabrics.